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Meet our team:

 Program Manager 

 Warwick Waters
 Ph: 0437 937 074

 Communications Manager

 Ruth Redfern
 Ph: 02 6792 4088

Regional Extension Officers

Regional Extension Officers provide cotton research outcomes and information directly to growers, agronomists, consultants and agribusinesses in each region. Contact your local Regional Extension Officer for the latest research, trials and events in your area.

 Namoi, Central QLD

 Geoff Hunter
 Ph: 0458 142 777

 Border Rivers, St George, Dirranbandi

 Sally Dickinson
 Ph: 0407 992 495

 Macquarie, Bourke 

 Amanda Thomas
 Ph: 0417 226 411

 Southern NSW

 Kieran O’Keeffe
 Ph: 0427 207 406

 Darling Downs

 Annabel Twine 
 Ph: 0447 176 007

Technical Specialists

Technical Specialists are experts in their fields and provide in-depth analysis, information and research to the industry, for the benefit of all growers. Contact the Technical Specialists to learn more about water use efficiency, nutrition, soil health and much, much more.

 Bt Cotton and Insecticide Stewardship

 Sally Ceeney
 Ph: 0459 189 771

 Integrated Pest Management

 Sandra Williams
 Ph: 02 6799 1585

 Water Use Efficiency

 Janelle Montgomery
 Ph: 0428 640 990

 Natural Resources and Catchments

 Stacey Vogel
 Ph: 0428 266 712


 Jon Welsh
 Ph: 0458 215 335


 Trudy Staines
 Ph: 02 6799 2478

 Fibre Quality 

 René van der Sluijs
 Ph: 0408 88 5211 

 Disease, Volunteer and Ratoon Management

 Sharna Holman
 Ph: 0477 394 116

myBMP team

The myBMP team run the industry’s best management practice program, myBMP. Contact the myBMP team to learn more about - or to participate in - myBMP.

 myBMP Manager

 Rick Kowitz
 Ph: 0427 050 832

 myBMP Customer Service Officer

 Nicole Scott
 Ph: 1800cotton (1800 268 866)

 myBMP Lead Auditor 

 Guy Roth
 Ph: 02 6792 5340


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