Cotton RiverCare

Cotton RiverCare is a program that promotes and supports responsible management of riverine areas within cotton growing regions of Australia.

Over the next couple of years the program will follow the journey of cotton grower and national Cotton RiverCare champion, Mark Palfreyman. Mark and his wife Anne and their four children Edward, Finn, Wilson & Elsie will be discovering what biodiversity lives on their farm, how their management decisions impact on the condition of their riverine areas and the benefits healthy riverine areas can provide their farming business.

The program is proudly supported by CottonInfo and CRDC, and is managed by CottonInfo natural resources technical specialist, Stacey Vogel.

You can follow the Palfreyman family's Cotton RiverCare journey via facebook and twitter; watch Mark in video via the CottonInfo youtube channel; and learn more about the Cotton RiverCare program and Mark's work via our blog.