Podcast #2: Andrew Bate

In the second Cotton Conversation, John interviews farmer and agronomist Andrew Bate who has a vision to use robotics to revolutionise the way we farm. Andrew and Jocie farm “Bendee” near Emerald on the QLD Central Highlands where they grow dryland crops such as chickpea, wheat, mungbeans and sorghum. They also breed, fatten and feedlot beef cattle.

While not a cotton grower, Andrew’s work has huge potential for the cotton industry. In 2012 he developed a joint project with the Australian Centre for Field Robotics at the University of Sydney, and Queensland University of Technology to develop robotic technology for agriculture. He founded SwarmFarm Robotics as a business to commercialise robotic technology for agriculture. In this podcast, Andrew talks about his passion for robotic farming systems, and how they will change the future of agriculture. Photo courtesy The Land newspaper. 

Length: 18 minutes.

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