Tools and Trials

On-farm trials

Many on-farm trials are conducted across the cotton growing valleys to try new ideas and test new technology. On this page you will find details of the current on-farm trials. 

CottonInfo nitrogen trials

The CottonInfo Regional Development Officers undertake replicated on-farm nitrogen trials to look at the issues of nitrogen use efficiency and losses on a valley by valley basis.

Cotton Rotation Tool

The Cotton Rotation Tool allows growers to compare the advantages and disadvantages of different rotational crops in relation to the subsequent cotton crop. It covers sunflowers, soybeans, maize, sorghum, mung beans, pigeon peas, chickpeas, faba beans, lucerne, canola, safflower and more.

Glyphosate Resistance Toolkit

Glyphosate Resistance Toolkit helps growers to understand, prevent and manage herbicide resistance. It contains tools to help growers calculate the glyphosate resistance risk score for a paddock and a level of risk for each weed; plus compare different management scenarios. It also helps growers test their knowledge of herbicide resistance. 

The toolkit has been developed by the QLD Department of Agriculture and Fisheries with support from CRDC, GRDC, the former Cotton CRC and Monsanto Australia. 

Barnyard Grass Understanding and Management (BYGUM)

The Barnyard Grass Understanding and Management (BYGUM) tool provides new ways to look at the economics of summer weed control in Australian cotton/grains systems.

BYGUM was developed by Innokas Intellectual Services, with support from CRDC, GRDC, the WA Department of Agriculture and Food, the University of Western Australia, and the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative.  

Birds on Cotton Farms app

The CottonInfo Birds on Cotton Farms app is designed to help cotton growers identify the common bird species found on cotton farms, and understand how to manage their habitats. It's available on both apple and android smart phone devices and is available to download for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

Cotton RiverCare

Cotton RiverCare is a program that promotes and supports responsible management of riverine areas within cotton growing regions of Australia. It follows cotton growers as they manage biodiversity and riverine areas on their cotton farms.

Soil your undies!

The CottonInfo team invite you to soil your undies... all in the name of soil health. Do your own fun soil science experiment to see how healthy your soil is and share your experiences with your local CottonInfo REO, and the twitter community using the hashtag #soilyourundies.